Why Should You Let Your Child Play Football

When the children are small, every parent wants for them what is best – the best food, the best medical treatments, the best clothes, the best school and so on. However, there’s also something else that the parents should take care of – they should make sure that their child takes part in different physical atom-bearsactivities, sports and games that can help them have a healthier life.

Let’s see some reasons why playing football is good for your child.

The Game

The love for this game is something that they learn since they are in kindergarten, as this is something that they do – move a ball from one to another just for the fun of it. When they’re older, no matter if they don’t make it to a professional team, the love for the game should be the one that drives them to play. It’s not just for winning, but for loving what they are doing – playing with friends, spending time outside, being part of a team, learning different rules and so on.

The Physical Activity

Every physical activity is good, but if they do it since they are smaller, it’s even better. Practicing a sport helps them develop a nice physic, not muscled, but toned enough to be able to sustain longer physical effort. Everyone sustains that practicing a sport is good for your health, and if you learn the benefits from a young age, it is even better.

On the long term, it has only benefits, because it helps children stay in a good shape, lose weight if it’s needed and tone their bodies.


As it’s with any game, the football has different rules that the children need to learn in order to play the game. Playing for fun helps them learning the rules, and these will help them later if they will be good enough to go for professional teams.

Learning the rules is important not just in games, but also in life, and this is one of those games that can help them later too. The teamwork is also important as this is a game that can be played only in a team – you can’t say you play football alone, and learning how to work in a team is great. This is also another skill that will help children later in life and teach them that it’s easier to succeed as a team than alone.


FootballTickets_300x250This is something that is required in any game, not just because there are rules that need to be respected, but also because it’s something that is necessary. If your child plays football with a local team, even if they play for amateurs, they’ll take part in tournaments and competitions, and every year there are two cantonment periods, for summer and for winter. These are intensive training periods where they will learn how to play and they will have a strict schedule. It helps them evolve and grow up and it can bring them only benefits on the long term.

A Possible Future

Playing for the minor local football league of Coquitlam British Columbia, Canada,  is a great start if they think that they could become professional players sometimes. It offers them the possibility to compete with other children from other teams, and it’s a great practice for the future. This is how the talented children are discovered – they have to play in a local team in order to be noticed, and if they’re good enough, they might receive an offer to play for a bigger football clubs or academies. There are more possible options for a child who is good at playing football, like becoming a great player, a coach or a referee.